Roles and Responsibilities


The coach is responsible for training and selecting the team for weekend matches.

The coach is a volunteer and requires support from other parents and players.

The coach should try to give all players a rewarding season and likewise parents and players have a responsibility to help the coach encourage participation and fun at all levels, while fielding competitive teams at the graded levels.

The coach should focus on fun and the development of players BEFORE winning, and likewise parents and players have a responsibility to encourage fun and player development BEFORE winning. Think about it…kids who have fun are more likely to train and play often, which in turn speeds up their development.



The manager is responsible to:

  • Complete team sheets before every game;
  • Look after player ID cards and present them when required;
  • Help the coach by communicating to players and parents about training times, games times, ground set up duties, and other club events.

0406 249 419


A great idea for managers is to set up a group email for all parents. Email them all a copy of the parents contact details and ask them to check it.

Make sure parents let you know if they are going to be away for a game, so you can arrange to borrow a player if necessary. The more notice the better.

Ensure you know when your team is rostered for ground set up or pack up, and communicate the responsibilities as early as possible.

Encourage parents to be at the ground 30 minutes before the start of each game. It is very frustrating if players are arriving just as the game starts.

Have a folder that contains spare team sheets, the player ID cards, copies of the draw, a copy of parent contact numbers, and a pen.

Remember to have fun!