Frequently Asked Questions


When will the soccer season start and end?

Your coach will organise when you start training, which will be sometime in February or early March.

Matches will commence in earlier late March or Early April with a break in the school holidays.

The regular season will conclude late August, with finals for competitive teams (U12+) continuing into September.


My child is 10 (or 12 or 14) and has never played soccer. Is it too late to start?

Absolutely not !
Every season, there are new players on virtually every team in every age group.


How do I know my child’s age group?

Your child will play in the age group that corresponds with the age he/she turns in 2020 e.g. if your child turns 8 this year (born in 2012), they will play in the under 8’s.

Any request to play up an age group will be considered, with decisions being based on numbers registered in each age group.


How are players assigned to teams?

As long as a player remains in the same age group, they stay on the same team unless they request otherwise. Except for coaches’ children, all other players will be placed in teams on meet the coaches and managers day. We are aware that it would be convenient for neighbours and friends to be on the same team, and consideration will be given subject to team numbers.


How does the club spend our registration fees?

Coniston Football Club is a non-profit organisation entirely run by volunteers. Your fees:

  • Pay Football South Coast who, in turn, pay a lesser sum to Football NSW, who in turn, pay a lesser sum to Football Federation Australia. This covers player insurance, and funding from grassroots level to the national team.
  • Purchase goals, nets, balls, corner flags, cones, and field lining equipment.
  • Council ground fees.
  • Referee and finals fees.
  • Coaching seminars.
  • Player trophies.
  • Clubhouse maintenance.
  • Investment in infrastructure.


I’m interested in becoming a coach. What do I do?

Don’t worry if you feel you don’t have the necessary experience, we will help you!

Coaches at Coniston are provided the opportunity to gain coaching accreditation by completing FFA coaching courses, as well as ongoing support from the coaching coordinator and our current coaching team.

All coaching nominations must be received by 28th February.

Questions regarding coaching should be directed to the Club Coaching Coordinator (Willy) on 0401 884 299.


What do I need to bring to Registration Day on 1st February, 2020?

Cash or cheque is a good start; we don’t have eftpos facilities…yet. If it’s the first time your child has played football in NSW you will also need to bring their birth certificate. A copy of your child’s registration details which you would have completed online.


What is Small Sided Football (SSF)?  Now rebranded as ‘MINIROOS’

Miniroos is about making the field smaller and with fewer players so that the children get more touches of the ball and become more involved. It also has modified rules & fewer constraints. At U6 & U7 level there is no goalkeeper or throw-ins.

What equipment does my child need to play soccer?

Shirts are provided by the club. Shorts ($25) & socks ($15) are available to purchase from the club. To play AND train they will also need boots, shin-pads and their own drink bottle.


Am I allowed to take photos of my child playing?

It is NOT illegal to take photos of children playing sport in a public space so you should feel free to take snaps of your little darling. However, sometimes it’s may be required to use your better judgment should someone request you to stop.


What are the rules regarding uniforms?

Compression undergarments (SKINS) are allowed to be worn under the shirt or shorts but must be of the same dominant colour of the shirt/shorts. That means at Coniston they need to be BLACK under the shorts and GOLD/YELLOW for long sleeved shirts. Please note that this is part of FIFA’s Laws of The Game (Law 4: The Players Equipment), not a Football NSW or IJFA directive and so must be enforced. This law will also apply to taping around socks in 2014 i.e. the tape must be of the same colour as the socks i.e. BLACK.


What are the rules regarding jewellery?

The same law that covers the wearing of undergarments also states that NO jewellery is to be worn. This includes all rings, earrings, bangles and any head bands that may contain metal. Taping is no longer allowed.


What size ball does my child need?

U6, 7, 8 & 9 – size 3
U10, 11, 12 & 13 – size 4
U14, 15, 16, 17 & 18 – size 5


What days to the teams train/play?

U6 – U7 play on a Saturday morning (‘in-house’ matches only) and generally train once per week.

U8 – U9 play on a Saturday morning, and generally train once per week.

U10 – U14 also play on Saturday mornings and generally train twice a week depending upon age, on days agreeable with the coach.

U15 – U18 and ALL girls teams play on Sunday. As above, training is generally twice a week, again on days agreeable with the coach.


How long do the games go for?

Under 6 & 7 – 20 minutes each half

Under 8 & 9 – 20 minutes each half

Under 10, 11 & 12 – 25 minutes each half

Under 13 & 14 – 30 minutes each half

Under 15 & 16 – 35 minutes each half

Under 17 & 18 – 40 minutes each half


What is the OFFSIDE rule?

In Miniroos (SSF) there is no offside, although in may be applied in a case of obvious unfair advantage, as per FSC Law Variation. It is a rule that is applied in all graded games and can be one of the more difficult to interpret and understand.

Basically it states that a player is in an offside position if he is nearer to his opponent’s goal than both the ball and the second last opponent, however it is only an offence if they are interfering with play or an opponent or seeking to gain an advantage.

It is best that all coaches, parents & players read up on this particular law.


What do I do in the event of an Injury?

Injuries are uncommon in junior soccer, however soccer is a contact sport and from time to time injuries may occur.

If your child is injured, you are required to follow this process:

  • Report the injury to the club official, who is required to complete an incident report. When playing away, you need to report it to the club official at the away ground. If you forget to do this, let a member of our committee know ASAP.
  • Retain a copy of the incident report.
  • If it was treated with first aid and you have a full recovery, no further action is required.
  • If you need to see a doctor, you must use the Medicare system first.
  • If you have any costs that Medicare does not cover, then you will need to complete a form with the insurer to claim back your costs.
CLICK HERE to report an injury with the insurer if you need to claim back costs associated with the injury.

Note: Please ensure you have completed an incident report with the club where the injury was sustained prior to lodging a personal injury with the insurer.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Incident/Injury form.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Incident/Injury witness form.


What should I do in the event of wet weather?

You can do one or all of the following:

1. Check the Coniston Junior Soccer Club Facebook Page     *** You must have a Facebook account to access

2. Check the Coniston Junior Soccer Club TeamApp at    *** You must have a TeamApp registration to access


3. Checking the wet weather section of Football South Coast Juniors website at Football South Coast Wet Weather

4. Finally, listen to the radio (i98 or Wave). Cancellations are generally broadcast following the 7am or 8am news (on GAME DAY only).


Please DO NOT contact Radio stations or other Clubs.