History and Future of the Juniors


We are constantly working on gathering information, images and milestones that have made the club what it is today.
If you have any information please contact one of our Committee Members so we can organize to catch up and have a chat.

In 2014 the Club celebrated is 60th season as a Junior Soccer Club. In 2015 the Club signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Coniston Football Club (formally Coniston Lions Football Club). This partnership has solidified a progression plan for our juniors into the Senior rankings of Football in the Illawarra. There is a new name and a new club logo which symbolises the past, present and future. The Condor, The Crown and the Lion.

During the year some of our junior teams will also have the opportunity to play on the main ground at JJ Kelly Park, home of the Coniston Football Club. Our Senior boys will also play a role in helping develop and mentor our juniors in the sport they love to watch and play.